A Welcome to My Visual World

Drawing, painting and photography have always been an important part of my life.  After a 25 year career in teaching I worked as a professional photographer for 17 years. Now I simply draw, paint, photograph and manipulate images because I find doing so compulsive.

As a keen member of Bruton Art Society I frequently take part in activities and courses we arrange and managed the BAS website. http://www.brutonartsociety.co.uk  until 2019. I also have been taking part in a life drawing groups on a more or less weekly basis for many years together with portraiture sessions with the artist Anthony Connolly.

As regards photography I remain very happy to undertake natural light portrait photography in people’s homes and undertake portrait drawings and paintings based on live sittings augmented by my photography. Contact me to ask about this.  Email johnbaxter119@gmail.com

I hope you will read what I think about Art  as well as look at my images. This site is more for sharing than selling.



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