Art: Drawings and Paintings



Fireplace Lilies

Dressage Competitor – France

Venice Beach LA Acrylic

Shall we Try It Jolene? Venice Beach LA (gouche)

Art Student (sepia pencil)

Cock A Doodle (Acrylic)

King’s Road Reflections (Acrylic)

Be-Bop-a-Loola (poster-paint)

Apples and grapes (Acrylic)

Summer Shade, Devon (watercolour)

The Garden Designer (Acrylic)

Leather Jacket (Pencil)

Mooring. Ilfracombe (Acrylic)

Yellow Poppy (watercolour)

Apples and Jug (Acrylic)

High and Dry in Ilfracombe (Acrylic)

In Need of Attention. North Devon. (Watercolour and Ink)

Celebration Lilies (Acrylic)

Going Forth. Cjithurst. (Watercolour)

Standpipe – International Trade Centre – San Francisco (Acrylic)

Ilfracombe Harbour (Acrylic)

Rock Pool Kirstenbosch Gardens

Window View (Acrylic)

Portrait of a Young Doctor (Pencil)

The Scarlet Virgin of Siena (Acrylic)

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